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MosaiQ™ Benefits

The distinct benefits of MosaiQ™

MosaiQ was specifically designed to address the challenges of today’s resource-constrained transfusion diagnostics environment. Here are a few of the many benefits you can expect with MosaiQ. 

Improved clinical decision-making:

By facilitating better matching of donor and patient blood, MosaiQ-screened blood products can potentially reduce the incidence of alloimmunization and other adverse reactions.

Consolidation of multiple analyzers:

The consolidation and standardization of immunohematology and disease screening analyzers translates to numerous advantages for your lab:

  • Reduced need for training on multiple systems for lab staff.
  • The prospect of fewer contracts and vendors to manage.

Streamlined inventory management:

  • With a targeted microarray shelf life of 6 months, there is potential for more efficient inventory management and consequently less frequent batch acceptance of red cell reagents.
  • RFID tracking of all reagents and microarray magazines allows for improved safety and simplified tracking/management of Microarrays and reagents.

Advanced testing capabilities:

  • When fully loaded, MosaiQ can test up to 1000 microarrays.
  • With MosaiQ, the first result is delivered in under 35 minutes with subsequent results every 24 seconds afterwards including:
    • Blood grouping
    • Extended phenotyping
    • Antibody detection
    • Exclusion of other clinically significant antibodies
    • Donor disease screening
  • MosaiQ needs less than 2 ml of whole blood to undertake both comprehensive blood grouping and serological disease screening.