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MosaiQ™ Future Developments

MosaiQ™ Microarrays


Agile by design: microarrays engineered to meet the changing needs of donor testing laboratories

MosaiQ microarrays have been purposefully developed to meet the changing needs of donor testing laboratories. The disease screening microarrays have capacity to meet new testing requirements, with probes for new diseases being developed and validated as needed.

Quotient is an active member of several global groups and collaborations that establish rigorous testing standards and help shape the future diagnostic landscape. Our company constantly monitors the market, working with external groups so we can be proactive in incorporating new assays on MosaiQ to meet future demands.

Moving forward:

We are currently in the process of developing molecular disease screening capabilities for MosaiQ, including NAT (Nucleic Acid Test) for disease screening. This will supplement the blood grouping and serological disease screening capabilities of the MosaiQ Platform.