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Safety Data Sheets

Remember, here at Quotient, we are able to provide expert product support surrounding every product we make.

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Learn more about our entire product line: With a long history of offering high quality solutions to hospitals and blood banks, our products have been researched and cited in a variety of publications and papers. Take advantage of the provided published articles here.


Material/Safety Data Sheets

For the most current Safety Data Sheet information, click on the “M/SDS” listing beside each product to download a PDF.

ALBAclone® ABO Antisera – SDS

ALBAclone® RhD Antisera – SDS

ALBAcheck® Control for Anti-D - SDS

ALBAcyte® Reagent Red Cells – SDS

ALBAcyte® IgG Sensitized cells – SDS

ALBAclone® Rare Antisera – SDS

ALBAclone® Monoclonal Anti-Fyb  - SDS

ALBAclone® Monoclonal Anti-C, Anti-e, Anti-C SDS

ALBAzyme™ Papain Solution- MSDS

ALBAsera® Polyclonal Antisera – SDS

ALBAlect™ Anti-A1 lectin – SDS

ALBAclone® Advanced Partial RhD Typing Kit – MSDS

ALBAhance LISS Additive - SDS

ALBAhance™ PEG - SDS

ALBAhance™ Bovine Serum Albumin 22% - SDS

ALBAcheck® Competency Testing Kit - MSDS

ALBAsure® QC Kit - Cells - SDS

ALBAsure® QC Kit - Antibody Component - SDS

ALBAcyte® C3 Coated Reagent Red Blood Cells - SDS


ISO Certifications

ISO 13485:2016 (Download PDF)