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MosaiQ™ by Quotient
Introducing MosaiQ™ by Quotient
A fully automated and consolidated testing platform for performing blood grouping and transfusion-transmitted infection screening of donated blood.

It is critical that patients in need are provided with safe and compatible blood products in a quick and efficient manner. Quotient’s specialists designed MosaiQ with the intention of delivering the world’s first fully automated testing solution that will allow for rapid, extensive antigen typing/antibody identification of donor and patient blood through the use of a single microarray. MosaiQ’s extended phenotyping capabilities may enable better matched blood and reduce any risk of alloimmunization.

MosaiQ will enhance clinical decision making and provide considerable operating efficiencies, both in a donor-testing environment and in patient-testing contexts in the future.

MosaiQ is also being developed to streamline a comprehensive array of mandatory transfusion transmissible infection screening requirements for donor red blood cells and plasma.



Key features

MosaiQ was specifically designed to address the challenges of today’s resource-constrained transfusion diagnostics environments.
MosaiQ key features
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Designed to become the world’s first fully automated and integrated testing platform for both blood grouping and screening of transfusion-transmitted infectious diseases, MosaiQ will harness a combination of miniaturized traditional serology and advanced microarray technology.
MosaiQ™ by Quotient
30 years in the making
Quotient’s expertise in transfusion diagnostics has been honed and enhanced over 30 years of experience in the field. Our strong heritage and focus enable us to create innovative solutions that anticipate and address our customers’ needs.

The MosaiQ platform

The MosaiQ platform offers the following:

  • Rapid results: 35 minutes to the first sample result. Subsequent sample results every 24 seconds.
  • Advanced processing: Real-time resource management.

The MosaiQ microarray

At the heart of the ground-breaking technology that underpins MosaiQ, is the MosaiQ microarray, a miniaturized technology for blood grouping and disease screening.

Each microarray contains up to 132 probes, offering unparalleled testing capability.

  • The MosaiQ immunohematology (IH) microarray delivers comprehensive red cell antigen typing and a vast array of red cells for antibody detection and exclusion.
  • The MosaiQ serological disease screening (SDS) microarray provides full mandatory donor serological disease screening capabilities.
  • The MosaiQ molecular disease screening (MDS) microarray is currently being developed to provide donor molecular disease screening.
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