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Introducing MosaiQ™ by Quotient

The potential to improve clinical practice with better matched blood.

The timely delivery of safe and compatible blood products to patients is critical. MosaiQ aims to be the world’s first fully-automated testing solution that will allow for rapid, extensive antigen typing/antibody identification of donor and patient blood utilizing a single microarray). The extended phenotyping capabilities may enable better matched blood and reduced risk of alloimmunization.



With the goal of offering a comprehensive testing menu on a fully automated, consolidated testing platform, MosaiQ will offer the potential for improved clinical decision making and considerable operating efficiencies, both in a donor-testing and, in the future, patient-testing environment.

MosaiQ is also being developed to streamline a comprehensive array of mandatory transfusion transmissible infection screening for donor red blood cells and plasma.



Designed to be a comprehensive automated testing solution with the goal to establish new standards of excellence in transfusion medicine worldwide.

The MosaiQ™ platform has the goal of enabling:

  • Comprehensive characterization of donor blood using just a single blood sample
  • Increased workflow efficiencies through walk-away-capable processing of 1000 microarrays in a single 8-hour shift
  • Enhanced resource management capabilities from a platform designed for ease of use, simplified reagent and consumable needs
  • Reliable and reproducible results 


MosaiQ™ Overview

Designed to become the world’s first fully automated and integrated testing platform for both blood grouping and transfusion transmitted infectious disease screening of donated blood, MosaiQ will harness a mix of miniaturized traditional serology and advanced microarray technology.

MosaiQ™ Benefits

MosaiQ is being developed to meet customer needs.

MosaiQ™ Technology

Learn more about the powerful microarray technology at the heart of MosaiQ.